Watch Buying Guide – Ultimate guide

The watch Buying Guide include detail explanation of how to choose watch, component of watch, best watch brands and many more. read careful for choosing the right watch.

Watch Buyers Guide

Choose the right product is very difficult at this price point. because plenty of watches are available in the market as well as online. and the main thing is our product must fulfill our requirements and they can also in a reasonable price range. It can give you an idea about how to choose the best watches, not only for watches before buying any product first we have an idea about how to choose the best product. the different people purchase the product for different purposes some as presentation, gift, or any other purpose. so our decision makes a huge difference and happiness.

Your need:

Some people choose the wrong product because they haven’t a clear idea about there needs. After they purchase return it or they can disappoint their purchase because they do not have a clear idea about there needs. They purchase an analog watch and disappoint with the reason there is no backlight or there is no date showing option e.t.c, First of all, you will clear about what type of watch you need such as Analog watch, digital watch, touch screen watch, or casual watch.

Focus on brand

Brand plays a major role in purchasing any product. If the product lasts for many years without any problem then you must choose the best brands. Yes, the branded product is always a little bit expensive but they last for many years. Our recommendation is to go for a brand, not for a feature or cheap price. If the product is damaged, or face any issue, the branded product comes to front for your help.

User rating:

This gives you a clear idea about the product is good or not. before purchasing the watches you must see the user rating of the product. More than 4 rating is enough. They can definitely best products. Please read the user reviews as well, because some of the purchasers put their reviews, pros, cons.


Ensure that the product comes with inbuilt features that fulfill your requirements or not. there is a lot of features based on types of watches, you can choose the watch according to your needs. Some of the main thing that must you see that are water resistance, weight, built quality, belt quality, warranty e.t.c.



This plate is visible through cristal and displays the time. The hands show the hour, minute, second. The 60 dots represent the time and roman numbers or numerical numbers represent the hours. The shorthand indicates the hour, and longhand indicates the minute.

In digital type watches, they are all in numerical format.


Based on the watch function it may have a small window available on the dial displaying information such as date or moon phase.


The grooved ring surrounds the crystal face and holds it in place. This piece is known as the watchword as the bezel. Bezel tends to be either rotating, unidirectional or fixed.. Rotating bezel allows easier reading of elapsed time, unidirectional bezel only turns one way which helps giving time more efficient and fixed bezel cannot be turned.


It is durable and scratch resistance, this tough layer of transparent crystal protect the dial from harm.

Types of straps:

Types Of Straps


The leather straps are found at luxury watches, they last for many years and they look stylish too. The leather strap is usually crafted from calf leather and fasten with a pin buckle.

Metal bracelet:

For contemporary strap style. It is created using detachable links using, which you can add or remove to ensure the perfect fit. They are often formed from durable stainless steel and or titanium, offering a stylish look.


The rubber strap comes for tough use, it’s very durable compared to other straps. It is perfect for withstanding shock and moisture.

Watch Movement:

Mechanical movement:

The mechanical movement is the oldest system to serve as a timepiece engine. the component work around a mainspring which requires winding by hand daily.

Kinetic Movement:

In this movement, is converted into electrical energy and then stored in a self-charging battery.

Quartz movement:

We found normally quartz movement at this time. It is very accurate and easy to maintain. Quartz movement is based on a battery. an electrical current is sent to a quartz crystal, creating vibrations that power the watch hands.

Things we know before buying fastrack-watches-for-mens-below-2000:

1. Case:

when you decide to buy the smartwatch, you must choose the case shape of the smartwatch that suitable for your hand.

2. Waterproof:

before buying any watch not only smartwatch, ensure about the waterproof. if you choose the wrong product without saw the water resistance depth or not ensure about waterproof or not then you should face issues in the future, Or you will become unhappy with the product.

3. focus on sensors and specs:

The smartwatch contains many sensors such as heart rate sensors, accelerator sensors, etc. So be ensure about your needs from the smartwatch. If you do not ensure your needs please find it yourself before buying any product. Some peoples purchase the product once in a lifetimešŸ˜‰ because of their money problem.

4. Battery:

If you decided to buy the smartwatch be ensure about the battery life. This means you must check what is the battery power(MAH). How long it lasts, What is the stand by time.? what is usable time.? these things you must know about the battery.

5. Others:

some of the other specs, feature we should know warranty period, display size, touch response, bluetooth version, compatible with your mobile or not, Application, and many more.

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