Types of watches

watches are many types, we will not explain all of that, to know detail about that its better to google it. I will see some main types of watches.

These Are Some of The Main Types Of Watches

Analog Watch:

It is one of the most traditional display types watch, It contains an hour hand, one-minute hand, and one-second hand. It is the most used type of watch or clock. In our school, college, and in almost every infrastructure.

Digital watch:

In a digital watch, the LCD screen is used to show the time and other related information such as date, timer, etc. It needs electric power so it is only available among quartz watches.

Touchscreen watches:

since smartwatches offer more features, and also they could fit in the screen, they usually go with the touch screen display so easily navigate, around its menu and other functions.

Casual watch:

Casual watches are Similar to clothing items, casual watches are the most common watches in terms of style, casual watches are designed to everyday use, and the people do not really require much from their watches.

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