Best smart watch under 1000 In India 2020

Best smart watch under 1000 In India 2020

Smartwatches, more than a watch, One who needs a lot from the watch they will search the smartwatches. You will get a lot of Functionalities in your hand itself. Yes, your fitness, time, call, camera everything in your left hand itself. If you searching for the best smart watch under 1000.? Then you are in the right place now. You may also checkout Fastrack watches under 1000

List Of Best Smart watch under 1000 With Price:

Item Name PriceBuying Option
1. TrendzsMart ™ X6 Smart Watch899Buy Now
2. Welltech V9 Smart Watch949Buy Now
3. mobicell A1 Smart Watch BT 3.0755Buy Now
4. MAKECELL Bluetooth Brown Smartwatch999Buy Now
5. Generic Bluetooth Smart Watch 685Buy Now
6. Faawn Smart Watch698Buy Now

Top 6 Best Smart Watch Available Under 1000

1. TrendzsMart ™ X6 Smart Watch

TrendzsMart ™ X6 Smart Watch
Check Price

This is one of the best smart watch under 1000. If you want true value for money smartwatch under 1000 you should check this one. The smartwatch contains a lot of specs and feature I will explain one by one in the below section. The design and build quality of the smartwatch is top-notch.

The smartwatch is having a 1.54 inch curved IPS HD touch screen display with 240*240 resolution. the touch response of the display is good. The contents on the screen are also clearly visible in the bright sunlight.

You can make the call using the smartwatch because the smartwatch is compatible with the sim card as well as Bluetooth calling. This is one of the extraordinary features at this price point. The watch is having both 3G/4G compatibilities.

You can click the images, and make video recordings by the smartwatch camera. In a boring period, you can listen to music and control the music by this smartwatch. You can also control the photos by its remote photos feature. The smartwatch is also having many more functionalities such as Pedometer, sedentary reminder, sleep monitoring, remote photos, music playing, alarm clock, voice recorder, multi timezone, multi-language, etc.

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The battery takes 45 minutes to fully charge and lasts around 1 day. The watch is also some fitness features such as sleep monitoring, It will monitor your sleep pattern, step counter, stopwatch, pedometer, etc.



  • Screen size: 1.54 inch HD touch screen 240*240 resolution display
  • Weight: 50 gram
  • Sim Compatibility: 3G/4G compitable
  • receive,make,and reject the call
  • Alarm clock: Yes
  • Pedometer: Yes
  • Sleep monitor: Yes
  • Music playing: Yes
  • 380 mah battery
  • calling feature
  • camera snapshot
  • lightweight
  • 3G/4G sim compatibility
  • notification alert
  • 10 days warranty
  • Not waterproof

2. Welltech V9 Smart Watch

Welltech V9 Smart Watch
Check Price

This is another best smart watch under 1000 rupees budget point named as Welltech V9 Smart Watch. The design and build quality of the watch is good at this price point. This smartwatch having some interesting features and functionality. I will explain each and everything in the below section.

With Bluetooth connectivity, it allows you to access the various application in a mobile phone such as Whatsapp, we-chat, twitter, Facebook, etc. You can access your phonebook on it. make the phone calls directly through the watch itself, with 2g or GSM Sim card.

The smartwatch comes with an activity tracker, so you can easily track your fitness activities with its fitness tracker functions including pedometer, sedentary remind, sleep monitoring functions, etc.

The watch support multimedia functions mean you can access your music player & camera. schedule the time, read the news, and access web browses through the smartwatch itself.

The smartwatch is available in 3 colors such as black, golden brown, and white. The price of each color is a little bit of a difference. You should better contact the seller for knowing the warranty period. Yes, the warranty exists for this watch but I don’t know how long it is. 150-gram weight looks quite more.

Some of the question asked about Welltech V9 Smart Watch

1. 4g Sim will work on it.?

No, 4g sim not work on it

2. Is it compatible with ios.?

No, It is not compatible with ios

3. Does it have wifi and browser.?

The watch is having a inbuilt wifi and browser

4. Is it waterproof.?

No, it’s not waterproof

5. Does this watch is having a hotspot.?


6. How many sim are fit in this watch.?

Only one sim slot is available

7. Does we play the games on it.?

No, you can’t play the game on it

8. Does this watch support SD Card.?

Yes, SD card slot is available and it will support SD Card

9. Does this watch is has camera.?

Yes, Camera exist in smartwatch.



  • mp3/mp4 campatibility
  • SMS syncronization
  • application reminder
  • 150 grams
  • Sleep monitor
  • 2g + GSM compatibility
  • inbuilt camera
  • inbuilt wifi
  • Micro USB for charging
  • SD card support
  • Calling feature
  • Music player, Camera, & Browser
  • calling feature
  • camera
  • Music player
  • Browser
  • SD Card support
  • Fitness tracker functions like pedometer, sedentary remind, sleep monitoring
  • More weight
  • Not waterproof
  • Average battery life

3. mobicell A1 Smart Watch BT 3.0

 mobicell A1 Smart Watch BT 3.0
Check Price

This is another smart watch under 1000 name as mobicell A1 Smart Watch BT 3.0. The design of the watch is top-notch and build quality is average. If you want value for money smart watch under 1000 you can definitely check out this one.

The watch comes with a 1.54-inch HD LCD touch screen 240*240 resolution display. compatible with both ios, android, tablet pc, etc. The touch response of this smartwatch is very smooth and very responsive.

Make the call directly from the smartwatch. Including answering the call and dial-up. We can make the call by using Bluetooth as well as a sim card. The watch is having a micro sim card slot that supports GSM, 2g sim cards.

You can’t miss any notification with this watch. you will get notified when any message or any notification arrives on your phone. the smartwatch supports both mp3/mp4 formats you can control both of these. You will also get a camera so you will be able to click the images on the smartwatch itself.

some of the sync functions exist in the smartwatch such as 11, WeChat, Twitter, Facebook, browser time, schedule, read a text message, and sports health including pedometer, sleep monitoring, sedentary remind.

You will track your everyday accomplishments such as steps, distance, and calories burned by its activity-tracking feature. It will also monitor your sleeping pattern by its sleep monitoring function.

Some of the question asked about mobicell A1 Smart Watch BT 3.0:

1. Does it support SD card.?

Yes, the watch support SD card

2. Does it support 4g sim.?

No, Only support GSM and 2G sim cards

3. Is it waterproof.?

No, The smart watch is not waterproof

4. Does it watch having camera.?

Yes, The smartwatch having a good camera

5. How was the dispay.?

The display of the display is good. Build quality of the watch not that great.

6. Is it compatible with ios.?




  • 1.54 inch responsive LCD 240*240 resolution display
  • calling function
  • GSM/2G Sim card compatibility
  • SD card support
  • Music control
  • inbuilt camera
  • sleep monitoring
  • Notification alert
  • Control the music
  • Activity tracking
  • 24 hour battery
  • calling feature
  • camera
  • Music player
  • SD Card support
  • Fitness tracker functions like pedometer, sedentary remind, sleep monitoring
  • Not waterproof
  • No wifi
  • average build quality

4. MAKECELL Bluetooth Brown Smartwatch

Check Price

This is another best smart watch under 1000 named as MAKECELL Bluetooth Brown Smartwatch. The design and build quality of the watch is good.

The watch comes with a 1.54 inch IPS LCD 2.5D Radian capacitive touch screen for easy operation. Touch responsive of the watch smooth and very responsive.

With this smartwatch, make the call to your friends, relations, or anyone by its calling function. You can also receive and reject the call. If you want some information from Google that is also possible by this watch. Yes, the watch is also having a browser you can search and find the information just a touch.

Some functions of the smartwatch are Bluetooth connectivity, Bluetooth music control, Voice recorder, sim card support(Micro-sim), Calling function, cellphone finder, Reminder for a long time sitting, Battery with durable power, pedometer, Anti-lost function.

You don’t miss any notification with its notification alert function. It alerts when a call, message, or any app notification comes to your phone.

The smartwatch is Activity Tracker and Health partner because the smartwatch has a pedometer, It measures your steps, distance, and calorie burned, Sleep monitor, It monitor you sleeping pattern, and Remote photo function, If you have an android phone, then you can use the photo function to take a photo using the smartwatch.

Some of the question asked about MAKECELL Bluetooth Brown Smartwatch:

1. Is it waterproof.?

No, The watch is not waterproof.

2. Does it have SD card slot.?

Yes, the watch is having a SD card slot.

3. Does this support sim card.?

Yes, The watch supports sim card.

4. Can i make a call with this smartwatch.?

Yes, You can make the call with this smartwatch

5. Does it have gps tracker.?

No, There is no gps available in this smartwatch.

6. Does this has camera.?

No, there is no camera but you can control your android phone camera.



  • 1.54 inch LCD 2.5D radian capacitive touch screen
  • Built in sim card slot
  • TF Card slot
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • 130 mah battery
  • Micro SD Card slot
  • Bluetooth music control
  • Voice recorder
  • Calling function
  • Cellphone finder
  • Remind long time sitting
  • Pedometer
  • Anti lost function
  • Colors: Black, Blue, brown, Orange, Pink, Red
  • calling feature
  • Music player
  • Browser
  • SD Card support
  • Cellphone finder
  • Not waterproof
  • Average battery life
  • No camera
  • No GPS

5. Generic Bluetooth Smart Watch 

Generic Bluetooth Smart Watch
Check Price

This is another best smart watch under 1000, named as Generic Bluetooth Smart Watch. The build quality and design of the watch is outstanding at this price point. The watch looks premium in the hand.

The watch make you smile by its smooth and responsive High sensitive capacitive touch screen. the watch is perfectly copitable with distinct android devices such as samsung, Vivo, Moto, One Plus, Xiaomi, Oppo any many more.

The watch gives you some of the exclusive features to you, those are Time display, Sim slot, Sedentary reminder, Sync function, Smooth notification, pedometer, and many more.

The watch is having a front facing camera capture your wonderful moment in watch itself. make the call in smartwatch, because it support sim card. Enjoy the music anytime anywhere in the watch itself. because the watch is having a SD card slot, you fill the music in the SD card and play the song you like.

GSM 850/900/1800/1900 four frequency call function. You can also record the call and store the contacts in the phone book. Overall it’s not just a smartwatch. I think this is one of the best smart watch under 1000 having a good front-facing camera.

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Some of the question asked about Generic Bluetooth Smart Watch :

1. Can we use internet.?

Yes, you can use internet

2. Does we use 4g sim.?

No, it only support 4g

3. Does this smart watch support sleep monitoring.?

Yes, the watch support sleep monitoring

4. Can we play song on it.?

Yes, you can

5. Can we insert memory card.?

yes, you can insert the SD card



  • HD High sensitive capacitive touch screen.
  • 109 gram weight
  • Sim slot
  • Sedentary reminder
  • Sync Function
  • Smart notification
  • Pedometer
  • Calling function
  • SD card slot
  • Compatible with Samsung, Vivo, Moto, One Plus, Xiaomi, and oppo
  • calling feature
  • built-in camera
  • Music player
  • Browser
  • SD Card support
  • Not waterproof
  • Average battery life
  • No GPS

6. Faawn Smart Watch

Faawn Smart Watch
Check Price

This is one of the best smart watch under 1000 named Faawn Smart Watch. The build quality and design of the watch is average This watch is well suited for both boys and girls.

Compatible with an independent mobile phone. make the call by your smartwatch itself. Yes, the watch support 4g/3g/2g sim cards. smart watch is having a separate SD card slot exist that support up to 32 GB SD card.

The watch comes with an HD High sensitive capacitive 240*240 resolution display. The touch is very responsive and smooth at this price point. The touch of this watch definitely gives you satisfaction.

The smartwatch is compatible with both android and ios, but functions are limited for ios system, For iPhone, it just supports answer & call, Phone book, music play, camera, clock, pedometer, phone anti-lost alert, etc. It does not support SMS, Radio, remote camera control, sleep monitor many other functionalities in iPhone.

Talking about the storage this smartwatch is having a 128Mb ram and 65 Mb rom. You can add external storage if you want to increase the storage. It supports TF card up to 32 GB. This smartwatch has a 380 mah decent battery, It takes around 3 hours to fully charge and standby up to 120 hours.

Some of the questions asked about Faawn Smart Watch:

1. Is this smartwatch is waterproof.?

No, It is not waterproof

2. Does this watch supports 4g sim card.?

Yes, It will support 4g sim

3. Is it compatible with both android and ios.?

Yes, it will compatible with both android and ios, but for ios limited functionalities are supported.

4. Can we plug headphone in it.?

No, you cannot

5. What about warranty.?

There is no warranty

6. Inbuilt microphone and mike exist.?

Yes, microphone and speaker exist



  • HD Sensitive capacitive touchscreen
  • Support 2g/3f/4f
  • support up to 32 GB storage
  • compatible with both ios and android
  • 128M ram 64M rom
  • 380 mah battery
  • charging time: 3 hours
  • standby time: 120 hours
  • make call/ dial call/ answer call
  • smart anti loss and safe driving Bluetooth call
  • sleep monitoring
  • tracking the sports data such as steps, kilometres, calories and activity minutes etc.
  • support defferent faces
  • calling feature
  • Premium look
  • 4g support
  • built-in camera
  • SD Card support up to 32 GB
  • Built-in ram and rom
  • Support both Android and ios
  • Not waterproof
  • No GPS
  • Some functionalities are limited in ios

If you are searching for best smartwatch under 1000 having a 4g facility then you should checkout this one.

Types of watches:

watches are many types, we will not explain all of that, to know detail about that its better to google it. I will see some main types of watches.

Analog Watch:

It is one of the most traditional display types watch, It contains an hour hand, one-minute hand, and one-second hand. It is the most used type of watch or clock. In our school, college, and in almost every infrastructure.

Digital watch:

In a digital watch, the LCD screen is used to show the time and other related information such as date, timer, etc. It needs electric power so it is only available among quartz watches.

Touchscreen watches:

since smartwatches offer more features, and also they could fit in the screen, they usually go with the touch screen display so easily navigate, around its menu and other functions.

Casual watch:

Casual watches are Similar to clothing items, casual watches are the most common watches in terms of style, casual watches are designed to everyday use, and the people do not really require much from their watches.

Best Watch Brands in India:


Titan is one of the largest manufacturer brands in India. It is the largest consumer company of TATA Group and the most popular Indian goods brand.

Titan is also entered into skin fragrances, Titan eye plus, smartwatches, eyewear, and jewelry.


Fastrack brand watches are now owned by Titan watches and targetting the urban youth of India. It offers the most trendy and fashionable analog and digital watches for men and women within a very affordable price range.


Fossil groups make fashion design accessories at a very affordable price. And fossil groups not only make watches they can also make smartwatches, bags, jewelry, belt, and wallets.


It is the watchmaking company of India called the Timex group. Timex offers the Largest and latest collection of casual watches and suits of watches for boys and girls.


Citizen company is mainly known for the manufacturing of watches, small electronics, and calculators. This company provides battery rechargeable and solar-powered watches.


Casio is a Japanese watch company, that is not only designed watches, the company products also include digital cameras, mobile phones, and calculators, etc.

Buyers Guide

Choose the right product is very difficult at this price point. because plenty of watches are available in the market as well as online. and the main thing is our product must fulfill our requirements and they can also in a reasonable price range. It can give you an idea about how to choose the best watches, not only for watches before buying any product first we have an idea about how to choose the best product. the different people purchase the product for different purposes some as presentation, gift, or any other purpose. so our decision makes a huge difference and happiness.

Your need:

Some people choose the wrong product because they haven’t a clear idea about there needs. After they purchase return it or they can disappoint their purchase because they do not have a clear idea about there needs. They purchase an analog watch and disappoint with the reason there is no backlight or there is no date showing option e.t.c, First of all, you will clear about what type of watch you need such as Analog watch, digital watch, touch screen watch, or casual watch.

Focus on brand

Brand plays a major role in purchasing any product. If the product lasts for many years without any problem then you must choose the best brands. Yes, the branded product is always a little bit expensive but they last for many years. Our recommendation is to go for a brand, not for a feature or cheap price. If the product is damaged, or face any issue, the branded product comes to front for your help.

User rating:

This gives you a clear idea about the product is good or not. before purchasing the watches you must see the user rating of the product. More than 4 rating is enough. They can definitely best products. Please read the user reviews as well, because some of the purchasers put their reviews, pros, cons.


Ensure that the product comes with inbuilt features that fulfill your requirements or not. there is a lot of features based on types of watches, you can choose the watch according to your needs. Some of the main thing that must you see that are water resistance, weight, built quality, belt quality, warranty e.t.c.



This plate is visible through cristal and displays the time. The hands show the hour, minute, second. The 60 dots represent the time and roman numbers or numerical numbers represent the hours. The shorthand indicates the hour, and longhand indicates the minute.

In digital type watches, they are all in numerical format.


Based on the watch function it may have a small window available on the dial displaying information such as date or moon phase.


The grooved ring surrounds the crystal face and holds it in place. This piece is known as the watchword as the bezel. Bezel tends to be either rotating, unidirectional or fixed.. Rotating bezel allows easier reading of elapsed time, unidirectional bezel only turns one way which helps giving time more efficient and fixed bezel cannot be turned.


It is durable and scratch resistance, this tough layer of transparent crystal protect the dial from harm.

Types of straps:


The leather straps are found at luxury watches, they last for many years and they look stylish too. The leather strap is usually crafted from calf leather and fasten with a pin buckle.

Metal bracelet:

For contemporary strap style. It is created using detachable links using, which you can add or remove to ensure the perfect fit. They are often formed from durable stainless steel and or titanium, offering a stylish look.


The rubber strap comes for tough use, it’s very durable compared to other straps. It is perfect for withstanding shock and moisture.

Watch Movement:

Mechanical movement:

The mechanical movement is the oldest system to serve as a timepiece engine. the component work around a mainspring which requires winding by hand daily.

Kinetic Movement:

In this movement, is converted into electrical energy and then stored in a self-charging battery.

Quartz movement:

We found normally quartz movement at this time. It is very accurate and easy to maintain. Quartz movement is based on a battery. an electrical current is sent to a quartz crystal, creating vibrations that power the watch hands.

Things we know before buying best smart watch under 1000:

1. Case:

when you decide to buy the smartwatch, you must choose the case shape of the smartwatch that suitable for your hand.

2. Waterproof:

before buying any watch not only smartwatch, ensure about the waterproof. if you choose the wrong product without saw the water resistance depth or not ensure about waterproof or not then you should face issues in the future, Or you will become unhappy with the product.

3. focus on sensors and specs:

The smartwatch contains many sensors such as heart rate sensors, accelerator sensors, etc. So be ensure about your needs from the smartwatch. If you do not ensure your needs please find it yourself before buying any product. Some peoples purchase the product once in a lifetime😉 because of their money problem.

4. Battery:

If you decided to buy the smartwatch be ensure about the battery life. This means you must check what is the battery power(MAH). How long it lasts, What is the stand by time.? what is usable time.? these things you must know about the battery.

5. Others:

some of the other specs, feature we should know warranty period, display size, touch response, bluetooth version, compatible with your mobile or not, Application, and many more.

If you found any mistake in this article or if you like the article then you will tell me in the comment section below. Tell me your impression of this article It will motivate me to write more articles.


I explained everything about the best smart watch under 1000. listed almost all the best smartwatches available under 1000 in India. The watch which I listed above, all are best watches, most selling, top-rated, and contains a lot of features and functionalities. Now your choice, I do not say this one is better, and this one is not better. the needs of the people are different so you can choose the best smart watch under 1000 that is well suited to your needs.

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