quicksort algorithm | Quicksort algorithm in daa

Quicksort is a type of sorting algorithm, quicksort algorithm is based on divide and conquers approach, In this article, i will explain quicksort algorithm with example. ALGORITHM:  Quicksort(a[l..r]) //Sorts a subarray by quicksort //Input: Subarray  A[0….n-1], defined by its left and right // indices l and r //Output: Subarray A[l..r] sorted order if l < … Read more quicksort algorithm | Quicksort algorithm in daa

quicksort program in c

quicksort in c: Quicksort is a sorting method it arranges the element either ascending order or descending order. Quicksort is similar to mergesort it is also divided and conquers algorithm. In this blog, I will explain the quicksort problem, quicksort program with the output. quicksort code in c: #include<stdio.h>void quicksort(int number[25],int first,int last){ int i, … Read more quicksort program in c

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Pubg Mobile Lite: PUBG LITE(PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds lite) is 2017 online multiplayer game published by pubg corporation, the game Download pubg lite apk+obb within 400 MB for lower-end devices. Tested devices:   Galaxy Note2 Xolo Era Galaxy S duos Redmi 2 prime   How to install:   1. First, download the apk+obb from the below link. … Read more pubg lite | lower end devices | 400MB