How to add and where to add executable cpp file to turbo c++

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This article is based on How to add and where to add executable cpp file to turbo c++ 
What is cpp:
                     CPP is a source code file written in c++  program, it’s a popular programming language that adds many features such as Object-Oriented programming to C.
ex: Main.cpp
How to download cpp file or How to create cpp file using the code copied from the net:
      Now  i am the new article writer(new website), i wrote only few posts, in my posts you can directly download CPP extension Executable file.
If You copied the c++ code from the net then i will tell you how to make it to CPP extension file and where i put this file.
1. Open the NOTEPAD++ and paste the code copied from the net:

   2.    Now go to the file and click on save button, or click ctrl+s, gives the file name choose “c++ source file” and save it.

    file>save>choose the save destination>file name>c++ source file
Ex: program1.cpp

3. Now your file is saved, copy(Right Click>Copy, or ctrl+c) the file from the saved location and paste it to the below location
C-Drive>TURBOC3>Bin>paste it.

4. Now open the turbo c++,  Go to File and select open file, enter the file name and click enter thats  it.

4.  Now your file is opened.

I Hope you guys are understand. if you face any problem than comment in a comment section. We need your support.

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