C++ program to implement tower of Hanoi || [PROGRAM AND ALGORITHM]

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Tower of Hanoi is a puzzle game of mathematics, tower of Hanoi is a puzzle invented in 1883. Tower of Hanoi puzzle game consists of 3 Tower of different sizes and disk. Which slide into towers.

Algorithm :
1.  Start
     Hanoi procedure(disk,source,destination,final)
2.  if disk==1 Then
     Move disk from source to destination
3.  Hanoi(disk -1,source,final,destination)
     Move disk from disk to destination
4.  Hanoi(disk-1,final,destination,source)
     END IF
     End Procedure

tower of Hanoi Profram:

using namespace std;

void tower(int d, char tower1, char tower2,char tower3)

cout<<“shift first disk from towert”<<tower1<<“tto tower”<<tower2<<“nn”;
} // if close here

tower(d-1,tower1,tower3,tower2); // recursive function call
cout<<“shift first disk fromt”<<tower1<<“tto tower”<<tower2<<“n”;

tower(d-1,tower3,tower2,tower1);  //recursive function call

int main()
int disk;
cout<<“enter the number of disknn”;

cout<<“there are no disks are shiftednn”;
cout<<“there are”<<disk<<“disk in towernn”;

cout<<“nn”<<disk<<“tdisk in tower 1 are shifted to tower 2”;
return 0;


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