quicksort algorithm | Quicksort algorithm in daa

Quicksort is a type of sorting algorithm, quicksort algorithm is based on divide and conquers approach, In this article, i will explain quicksort algorithm with example. ALGORITHM:  Quicksort(a[l..r]) //Sorts a subarray by quicksort //Input: Subarray  A[0….n-1], defined by its left and right // indices l and r //Output: Subarray A[l..r] sorted order if l < … Read morequicksort algorithm | Quicksort algorithm in daa

quicksort program in c

quicksort in c: Quicksort is a sorting method it arranges the element either ascending order or descending order. Quicksort is similar to mergesort it is also divided and conquers algorithm. In this blog, I will explain the quicksort problem, quicksort program with the output. quicksort code in c: #include<stdio.h>void quicksort(int number[25],int first,int last){ int i, … Read morequicksort program in c

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Pubg Mobile Lite: PUBG LITE(PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds lite) is 2017 online multiplayer game published by pubg corporation, the game Download pubg lite apk+obb within 400 MB for lower-end devices. Tested devices: Galaxy Note2 Xolo Era Galaxy S duos Redmi 2 prime How to install: 1. First, download the apk+obb from the below link. 2.  Install the … Read morepubg lite | lower end devices | 400MB

stack program in c++ | stack meaning | program | output

Stack Program in c++ What is stack in c++: a stack is a data structure, basically, a stack is a linear data structure represented in real physical stack or pile. In stack data structure insertion and deletion of the element is done only one end called top.  The basic implementation of the stack is LIFO(Last … Read morestack program in c++ | stack meaning | program | output